This Morning Wedding Dilemmas

Liz was thrilled to have appeared on ITV This Morning today, where she answered viewers questions and wedding dilemmas live on air!

Here are a few wedding dilemmas that Liz is asked about most often, and her suggestions!

1. How do I tell guests we are having a child-free celebration?

Make it clear on the invitation that the night is ‘exclusively for grown-ups’ – and give guests extra notice to arrange babysitters. I usually make such a wedding a black tie affair too, which is a good indicator of the style of wedding you have chosen, and getting married later in the day is helpful so that guests only need to arrange a babysitter for the evening,

2. Can I ask my bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses?

If finances dictate, then yes, But have this conversation face to face and choose bridesmaids that will understand your financial predicament.  Explain that your budget is very limited, but be clear that you are happy for them to wear a dress that they can buy from the High Street and then wear again.  You can’t expect them to fund a designer dress or bespoke bridesmaids dress. Many retailers now offer affordable options that are just as stylish and lots of bridesmaids would be happier in something they have chosen themselves anyway!

3. How do I tell people they are not invited to our wedding if they assume they are?

I suggest a ‘save the date’ card be sent out as soon as wedding plans are underway, which can often avoid this awkward situation as those not receiving a card will assume that they are not on the guest list for the big day.  You can explain that although you would love to have them at the wedding, you are limited on places to close family and friends and that you have had to make very difficult decisions on who to invite and who you are not able to share the day with.

4. What should we do if our parents are hijacking our guest list?

Be strong, it is your day!  But also be sensitive to the fact that they may want to share your big day with their friends too.  Explain that you want to ensure there is a good balance of guests from both sides of the family your friends, colleagues etc. and agree a certain number of invites that they can extend.  Let your parents plan the seating arrangements at the table where their friends will be, so that they feel involved in the planning too.

5. How do I tell friends they are invited to the evening reception only?

Most people chat about the wedding plans with friends, so it will generally come out in conversation but if not, let your invitation do the work.  Send out invitations to evening guests that are clear about attendance times and the fabulous party they have been invited to.  I also suggest a note in some invitations that explain who else you have invited that your friends may know.  It reassures them that other friends are also attending at the same time and encourages attendance.

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