Sally Lindsay talks to Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation

Sally Lindsay Opens Up About Life and Work in Events That Made Me Podcast


Actress Sally Lindsay has ruled herself out ever featuring on one of ITVs flagship shows – I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, even though she is asked to star in the show almost every year. >>> Click here to read the full article on Entirely Arts
“I love watching it! But I can’t even eat prawns because they look like insects. I could do all the other things, but it’s the eating I couldn’t do, They’d all be starving!” Sally Lindsay
In a candid chat on the Events That Made Me podcast, which covered all aspects of her career and family life, the Mount Pleasant star also admitted to host, celebrity event planner Liz Taylor, that she hasn’t watched Coronation Street since she left the show in 2006. When asked by Liz if she has ever been invited to feature on hit show, I’m a Celeb, Sally replied: “Oh yes, most years, but, oh God no! If one of the kids needed life-saving surgery, then maybe I would go. Not that I don’t think it’s brilliant. I love watching it! But I can’t even eat prawns because they look like insects. I could do all the other things, but it’s the eating I couldn’t do, They’d all be starving.” Rumours about this year’s line-up for the hit show have already begun, with Manchester United legend Eric Cantona and Netflix sensation Carol Baskin thought to be among the contenders. Corrie-legend Sally went on to discuss her relationship with Posh Hotels co-presenter Nigel Havers, admitting that she didn’t even know he was in Coronation Street, as she hasn’t watched it since she left the show after five years of playing barmaid Shelley Unwin. “By weird chance in life, and it happened with me and Dan Ryan in Mount Pleasant, where you just literally click, and you know exactly what each other are going to say before they say it. Which was why Mount Pleasant was so successful. With Nigel it was exactly the same.  We would cry laughing all the time….and we shouldn’t really have anything in common because he’s literally the poshest bloke alive. “I didn’t even know (he was on Coronation Street). It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve not watched Coronation Street since I left. Not because I’m not in it, but because I sort of ruined it for myself really.” Sally, who recently starred in Channel 4’s Celebrity Bake Off, also spoke of her love of television versus acting on stage, stating that she won’t make a return to theatre until her children have grown up. She continued: “I’ve been amazingly lucky in my career because I’ve been able to do both. … I love theatre don’t get me wrong. I love it and I can do it, which is great, but television is what I feel at home with. Television has been very good to me. Because I have two children and at weekends, I’ve managed get home to see the kids more. Even though you work 12-hour days on the set, if you are the lead you do, … you can get home and you have always got that time with your boys. I’ve not been on stage, apart from panto which I adore, … since the Royal Exchange, the year before they were born. I’d love to do that again, obviously, but the boys will have to be a bit older as I would miss them too much.” Sally’s latest project was due to be filmed in Malta earlier this year but has been put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. She said: “I think what’s happened with all the virus nonsense is that the industry is now trying to get back on its feet….My next series is going to be filmed in Malta.  We’ve been over for a recce. It’s a murder mystery, with a comedy angle as well. It’s kind of inspired by programmes like Murder She Wrote. We were supposed to film May-June but it has been put back to Sept-Oct. It’s absolutely beautiful there.” Events That Made Me with Sally Lindsay airs July 1, 2020. For the full interview, listen at