Launches. Brand Awareness. Business Expansion.

Whether you’re looking for support to expand your business, raise awareness of your brand or execute a new opening with maximum impact, hospitality consultant Liz Taylor knows how to get it done.

Liz has spent a career in an evolving industry that relies on customer understanding, effective communication and creating an experience that will be remembered for the all the right reasons.

She has not only dominated the exclusive events industry for more than two decades but has also worked extensively with luxury fashion, lifestyle and hospitality brands. Taking all the knowledge and expertise she has cultivated around the power of brand identity, creating her own independent hospitality consultancy has been a natural evolution.

Liz now works with a range of brands and businesses as a hospitality consultant, advising on how to improve customer experience in order to implement and meet key goals. She is a hospitality consultant that has a keen eye for the details, ensuring that all opportunities are rigorously evaluated and potential is maximised. Seeing revenue streams that others miss. And importantly, she is a hospitality consultant that brings creative ideas to deliver on those revenue opportunities.

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