Liz has exceptional experience on both sides of the microphone. As an interviewee with knowledge and humour, she has appeared on many of the UK’s national media stations and been interviewed by publications across Europe and the USA. But her experience extends to also being a skilled interviewer and chair of panel events.


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In her podcast, Events that Made Me, Liz delves into the lives of business leaders, sports stars, entertainers, media personalities and more. Uncovering the events that shaped their lives, unlocking the conversation and asking the questions others are afraid to ask.

Her style is one of relaxed professionalism, infused with humour and warmth. She brings that essential ingredient for any good media interviewer, she is interested in her guest.

Liz’s experience as a media interviewer also extends to the corporate world, as the media interviewer for corporate videos and online company seminars. Challenging the boss with probing questions that unravel the corporate message; all with that spark of fun.

Social media content production is increasing in importance and value. Liz can apply her media interviewer skills to create intelligent interview segments that will bring your social media platforms to life. Interviewing the corporate bosses to share a deeper understanding of the company ethos. Or talking to the grass roots employees about life on the front line. This valuable content will share the company message in the most engaging interview style.

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Chairing a panel debate of financial experts, to hosting a panel of leading hospitality businesswomen. Liz brings her personality and skills to the role of an event host. Thorough in preparation. Engaging with her questions. Steering the conversation to embrace all points of view. Liz Taylor has the unique experience as a panel member, and chairperson. Understanding the need to allow conversation to flow effortlessly, yet stay in control of the logistical elements of the debate.

Liz is available as a panel host and chairperson for large tradeshow, exhibition or seminar debates. But also as a corporate event host for company Q&A sessions, training debates and corporate video production.