Liz Taylor TV’s ‘Millionaire Party Planner’ Launches New Company

Event Entrepreneur and TVs Millionaire Party Planner Launches New Company


MEDIA ARTICLE With 30 years of events management, entertainment industry and business experience, Liz Taylor – MD of Manchester based event planners the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC) – has now embarked on a new business challenge. This month she launches her personal management company, Liz Taylor Consultancy. During a successful event management career, Liz has planned thousands of business and private events across the UK and Europe. She has worked with some of the country’s top business leaders, showbusiness icons, world-class brands, Royal clients, sports personalities, media giants, music legends and high-profile entrepreneurs, in addition to appearing as Channel 4’s ‘Millionaire Party Planner’.  And from her success, has evolved a series of additional roles and projects which she will now bring together under the umbrella of her new business. Liz Taylor Consultancy combines Liz’s growing UK and international public speaking engagements, media work as an expert contributor to TV and radio programmes such as ITV This Morning and BBC Breakfast, and music management for exclusive bands and individual artists. This sits alongside a growing portfolio of marketing consultancy for clients such as the luxury Lone Star Boutique Hotel in Barbados and the Renovatio Clinic in Cheshire. Liz commented: “This is a hugely exciting development for me personally. Over the last two years I have been asked to provide marketing advice to a range of hospitality and luxury brand projects such as hotels, retail businesses and restaurants, as well undertake as a calendar of public speaking engagements to business and professional groups.  It’s a chance for me to share my knowledge and skills with other businesses, and I love it.” “Occasions when I work with the media, offering thoughts and advice on trending stories, has always been an interesting and fun part of my event management work. And with 30 years of experience to draw upon and thousands of events organised, it is also a growing area of opportunity for me. I enjoy the challenge of providing knowledgeable, interesting and colourful opinions on a range of topics, but also something that provokes conversation and that audiences will respond to.” She added: “I am still very much the creative influence and business strategist behind TLC though, and I will certainly continue at the helm of the company that I have built and love.  A new structure at TLC will afford me the time to invest in developing the consultancy on a more formal basis.  It is something that I am passionate to achieve, alongside celebrating TLC’s 25th anniversary next year and delivering on a host of client events that we have booked. Busy times ahead!” For details about TLC, visit