Podcast Liz Taylor and Catherine Tyldesley

Life Lessons Are Under the Spotlight for Corrie Actress and the Royal Florist


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Events That Made Me, the exciting new 12-part podcast from award-winning event planner, Liz Taylor, launches on June 3, 2020 and uncovers pivotal events in the lives and careers of its guests.

“I believe throughout all of our lives theres one specific event that we can say affected the course of our journey. There certainly has been for me. “ Liz Taylor, Liz Taylor Consultancy

The first two podcasts feature actress Catherine Tyldesley, and the flamboyant Royal florist, Simon Lycett.  

In her own engaging and direct style, Liz encourages guests to talk about the events that have guided their lives, those big decision moments and events that changed the course of their careers.  In the process, often exploring the insecurities, people and inspirations that have shaped who they are today.  For a taste of what is to come, listen to this trailer of forthcoming shows: https://podfollow.com/etmm-liz-taylor

As founder and CEO of corporate and private event planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), Liz has worked closely with a wide variety of celebrities, business leaders, entrepreneurs and inspirational community leaders over her 36-year career.  Many now feature in the fortnightly podcast which will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. With every show there will be a bonus episode called ‘Air Extension’, where Liz explores key themes uncovered in her interviews and how you can use the advice given to benefit business or life goals.

In the first podcast, actress Catherine Tyldesley talks of how she secured her role on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, and why it took producers two years to get Catherine to agree to put on her dance shoes: “I had a huge fear of dancing.  When the opportunity for Strictly came up I thought, this scares me, so I should do it.  I think you should face your fears head on.” Click for audio clip

And how it felt to secure her famous role on Coronation Street: As a child I was always talking and singing.  I then fell in love with drama and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”  She adds: “I’d grown up watching Corrie and was a huge fan.  Landing that job was a dream come true.” Click for audio clip.

Simon Lycett explains why his challenging public-school upbringing led him through times of bullying to a place of greater strength, and the chance meetings led him to create flowers for Muppet creator Jim Henson and later for the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Any why pride has been one of the important, but sometimes unspoken, emotions in his life Click for audio clip

Now a celebrated florist to members of the Royal household, Simon explores the series of events that, as Liz quotes: took you from the Muppets to the Royal family”. Simon says: “I have been fortunate enough to work on the wedding of Prince Charles to the Duchess of Cornwall. I created the flowers for the dinner that the Queen held the night before William and Kate married….and the flowers for Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack.” Click for audio clip.

“I’d like to do flowers for the next Coronation. Wouldn’t it be an amazing, iconic thing.”

Commenting on the podcasts Liz said: “I believe throughout all of our lives there’s one specific event that we can say affected the course of our journey. There certainly has been for me. Coupled with the fact that I spend a great deal of time getting to know the people that I work with and finding out what makes them tick, I felt there was a great way to share some of these events and experiences to help others.  And so, my Events That Made Me podcast was born.”

“I’m talking to a whole host of really fascinating people about events shaping their lives, and there’s an interesting mix of answers. Cath Tyldesley talking about the positive effect that competing on Strictly Come Dancing has had on her confidence. Mr Daytime TV himself Eamonn Holmes explaining why you shouldn’t ‘hide your light under a bushel and how meeting me was the most expensive lunch of his life! To the incorrigible raconteur Christopher Biggins, on why meeting Sinatra changed the direction of his early life, and how I’m A Celebrity then transformed his later career.”