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If Music Be The Food Of Love; Play On

MUSIC:  For me it is the most influential form of expression. It reflects the inner soul and can be responsible for tears and laughter, moments and memories, empathy and communication. How we think and how we feel, summed up by musical notes.

Some of you will know that I’ve recently launched a new venture. A podcast called Events That Made Me, which explores the events that shaped the lives of my diverse selection of guests.  Whilst recording it, I realised that it isn’t just events that can have a life-changing effect on somebody, music can too.

Have you ever heard a song playing and suddenly you’re transported to a different time or place? Perhaps, there’s a track that resonates with you so much that you can’t listen to it stopping you in your tracks. And what about those unique and unexplainable moments, when you hear a tune and you start toe tapping to the beat!

There’s something instinctive about how music stirs the senses. Our reaction to it is almost involuntary. Music makes you feel. Music makes you reflect. Music moves you (literally and figuratively). It has the unique power to motivate, unify, inspire, set mood, and induce pure unadulterated emotion.

Since, I was four years old and I sat down to play my first song on the piano, music has been something that I’m extremely passionate about. And as I forged my career in the events industry it has become an even more important in my life. For all the qualities outlined above, music is a defining element of any event. And what I love about music at an event is its ability to control the mood. Instantly. At the touch of a button.

Experimenting with the musical backdrop at events and watching its effect on the crowd is something I’ll never grow tired of. Pick an elegant classical score for atmosphere and ambience during dinner, remixes of the great composers meshed into R&B, timing a repertoire in the knowledge that you have complete control of the party! I have it to a fine art, and I am not sharing the secret!

Of course, during my career, I’ve been lucky enough to experience first-hand some of the most gifted musicians in the world. And, every once in a while, you will come across a unique musical talent that simply cannot be ignored. This is what happened when I witnessed the Swan Band. I was simply blown away. A collaboration of brilliant musicians made even more unique by the fact that the repertoire is tailor made to suit the event. Find out more about this amazing ensemble here

There are songs that reflect huge moments in our lives. I’ve chosen four songs that did just that for me below. My desert island discs if you would.

1 SAY A LITTLE PRAYER – Aretha Franklin at her finest with this pitch perfect gospel song.  Iconic. My all-time favourite and one we used to throw in with Swan Band in the early years when we wanted guests dancing on the tables!  This song takes you on a journey and has you hooked from the moment Aretha opens with her poignant melody. A fail-safe way to get any party started.

2 THE AMERICAN PATROL – This song is an integral part of my childhood – my party piece as a very young girl. I would play it for assembly at Manchester High School and have never shied away from the spotlight since. Although I do prefer to oversee the musical entertainment these days rather than take centre stage.

3 VOLARE – My feel-good song and one of my daughter Katie’s favourites. This song brings nothing but happy memories for me. One of the biggest challenges of my career was organising my daughter’s weddings. Everything had to be perfect. And what could be better than the original artists to perform one of her all-time favourite tunes. So, I had the Gypsy Kings come to her wedding as a surprise.

4 ANY FRANK SINATRA …. You have to love the old classics and I’m a mush at heart. Old Blue Eyes, a voice like velvet. He seduced with his voice! And definitely did things ‘his way’:

A leading name in the UK’s events industry, Liz is an experienced manager of live entertainment acts and an authority on musical entertainment. She is the exclusive UK agent to the internationally acclaimed, Swan Band.  For further information CLICK HERE