Mrs Claus interview about the north Pole

Secrets of the North Pole Revealed as Celebrity Event Planner Scoops the Interview of the Century

Rudolf is female, Santa’s favourite meal is fish soup and Mrs Claus would love to appear on Strictly Come Dancing!

Yes, it appears that everything you thought you knew about Christmas is wrong! That’s according to a new interview with the one and only Mrs Claus (wife of the big man) on the latest ‘Events That Made Me’ podcast, hosted by celebrity event planner, Liz Taylor.

Finishing on a high for the final instalment of season two of her hugely popular podcast, which puts celebrities under the spotlight and examines the events that shaped their lives; Liz Taylor, party planner to the stars, has managed to open her little black book and secure an exclusive interview with Mrs Santa at her busiest time of year.

Never before have the North Pole’s secrets been revealed in such great detail as the pair discussed what goes on behind the scenes at Christmas HQ in the lead up to the big day. And just how did Liz get her to agree? Well, after the year we had, Mrs Claus thought we all needed a little magic in our lives this Christmas time.

The interview is being syndicated to hospital radio stations all over the country to spread a little Christmas cheer to children who will be spending the festive period away from home and in hospital.

Mrs Claus, referring to Liz as Elizabeth throughout, talked of how it’s decided who is on the naughty or nice lists, which are colour coded red and green. And there could be good news for the children of the UK, as she divulged:

“Well, you see we have a team of elves who watch the children all year and they know what they’re looking for. I mean it’s very difficult to be good the whole time so as long as they’re well behaved, polite, honest and have a good heart, then we tend to make sure that they go on the red list. The red list is the present one, the green list is the coal one. Naughty children get coal, but to be honest not many. Sometimes they ask me to check, but you know Elizabeth, Nicholas and his family have been doing this since 1812 – that’s when he first slid down his very first chimney you know. I do rather trust his judgement.” LISTEN TO AUDIO CLIP

During the interview, which took place at a secret location in Manchester, Mrs Claus also put an end to speculation surrounding Santa’s leading reindeer, confirming that Rudolf is indeed female. As is the entire team of reindeer in charge of pulling the sleigh:

“Rudolf is a girl,” she said. “You see the male reindeer shed their antlers early, so all of the reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and indeed Rudolf are female. Between you and I, I think we both know that behind every successful man there is a woman, but don’t you dare tell Santa I said that, or I will be on the green list.” LISTEN TO AUDIO CLIP

Mrs Clause interview with Liz Taylor

Mrs Claus also gave insight into the couple’s private life, divulging their likes, dislikes and how they like to pass the time when they’re not preparing for the busiest night of the year. And those thinking of leaving a mince pie out for Santa this year, he is always happy to enjoy this sweet treat. But when at home, his favourite meal is something quite different:

“His favourite meal when we’re all home together,” said Mrs Claus, “is salmon soup which is a traditional dish that comes out of Lapland, followed by yummy fried fish and he likes to finish with bread and cheese, I mean it’s no wonder he’s so round.”

“Santa is a wonderful dancer Elizabeth,” she continued. “He loves to jive. We still dance to this very day, especially when I’ve had some fairy dust.”

When asked if the couple would ever appear on BBC favourite Strictly Come Dancing, she replied simply:

“I’d love to. I do love Anton.” LISTEN TO AUDIO CLIP

Watch this space.

With thirty years as an event planner to the rich and famous and big business, Liz Taylor, has an enviable black book of contacts which she has put to work during two series of her hit podcast ‘Events That Made Me’. Gok Wan, Tom Kerridge, Ruth Langsford, Eamonn Holmes, Lisa Riley, Christopher Biggins, Sally Lyndsey and Cath Tyldesley are just some of the celebrities that have join Liz for a no holds barred chat. Talking of her latest coup, Liz said:

“I was extremely honoured that Mrs Claus took time out of her busy schedule to speak with me. I really hope that children up and down the country, who will perhaps be spending Christmas time in hospital or finding things difficult at this time of year, will take some joy from this delightful interview and the secrets we were able to uncover. Mrs Claus did ask me to pass on the message that even though Christmas may be a little different this year, it will still be a very special, magical time of year.”

‘Events That Made Me’ with Mrs Claus will be available from 9am on December 23, 2020 at Hospitals, charities and hospices wishing to use the raw footage free of charge should email their request