Events That Made Me – LGBT history Month Special Edition Carl Austin-Behan OBE


Carl Austin-Behan made LGBT history. In this special episode for LGBT history month, celebrity events planner Liz Taylor is joined by Carl Austin-Behan. Carl tells Liz about being gay in the military in a time where it could have landed him in jail, and how eventually that would lead him to become the first openly gay Lord Mayor of Greater …

Sandy Lindsay Events that Made me podcast Entrepreneur edit

Events That Made Me – The Entrepreneur with Sandy Lindsay MBE, Tangerine


Sandy Lindsay has seven jobs. Celebrity events planner and entrepreneur Liz Taylor is joined by Sandy Lindsay MBE. Sandy tells Liz about the most important lessons she’s learnt in business and from life – including her dance troupe her family ran, as she was growing up. Sandy also tells Liz about creating her PR agency, Tangerine, and The Juice Academy, …

The Entrepreneurs Edit Christmas Special

Events That Made Me – The Entrepreneur Edit Christmas Special


How do you succeed as an entrepreneur? Liz Taylor speaks to some of the UK’s leading business owners about how they built their empires. Hear from chef Tom Kerridge, artist Beth Cullen-Kerridge, football pundit Gary Neville, entertainment magnate Jonathan Shallit MBE, CEO Jennie Johnson MBE, business executive Linda Plant, florist Simon Lycett, property developer Tom Bloxham MBE and television producer …

EVENTS THAT MADE ME PODCAST Bonus Air Extension - Ben Winston

Bonus Air Extension – Roots from Ben Winston


Roots have provided Ben Winston with the stability to really make his mark. In this bonus Air Extension, CEO Liz Taylor examines the importance of knowing who you are and where you come from, and how that helps when you’re reaching for the top. Click here to listen

EVENTS THAT MADE ME PODCAST Bonus Air Extension - Jennie Johnson MBE

Bonus Air Extension – Balls from Jennie Johnson MBE


What gives you the gumption to quit your job and go for that big idea? Balls. CEO Liz Taylor examines why being ballsy is better than being confident – and why women have balls too! Liz Taylor’s 30-year career in event planning has built an impressive portfolio of events, including celebrity weddings, charity fundraisers like Children in Need with Gary …