EVENTS THAT MADE ME - Equality from Antony Cotton

Bonus Air Extension – Equality from Antony Cotton


Equality has been at the heart of everything Antony Cotton has done, and it’s had a pivotal role in the career of CEO and business leader Liz Taylor. In this bonus Air Extentionsion learn how equality plays its part for Liz, in life and in business.

Antony Cotton actor talks with Liz Taylor

Events That Made Me – Liz Taylor with Antony Cotton, Actor


Antony Cotton remembers the moment aged 5, he thought: “I want to be on the telly”. Liz Taylor finds out the events that took Antony to play some of the most poignant LGBTQ+ characters in British TV history (Queer As Folk, and 17 years as Sean Tully on Coronation Street). On the week that would have been Pride in Manchester …

EVENTS THAT MADE ME Avoiding The Top from Mike Sweeney

Bonus Air Extension – Avoiding The Top from Mike Sweeney


Is getting to the “top of your game” all it’s cracked up to be? CEO Liz Taylor looks at it from another point of view, inspired by Mike Sweeney’s revelation that winning second place is better than nothing.

Reach For The Stars from Katie McGlynn

Events That Made Me – Liz Taylor with Katie McGlynn


Katie McGlynn is an early starter – but that hasn’t stopped her. Liz Taylor discovers what it took for Katie to get a National Television Award and a BAFTA nomination for her heartbreaking role as Sinnead Tinker in ITV’s Coronation Street. In this inspiring and touching chat, Katie also reveals how she got her part in BBC’s Waterloo Road, who …

Justin Moorhouse

Events That Made Me – Liz Taylor with Justin Moorhouse


What does it take to be funny? Justin Moorhouse shares the events that made him the comedian, broadcaster and actor he is today. CEO Liz Taylor uncovers Justin’s story of success, from Phoenix Nights to voicing the Vimto Frog. Find out how Justin writes comedy, why being a late starter helped him out, why he loves being on the radio …

Christopher Biggins

Events That Made Me – Liz Taylor with Christopher Biggins


Actor Christopher Biggins has done it all on stage and screen, but he lets Liz in on a secret: the event that actually made him. Hear about Zoom calls with Joan Collins, dinner with Frank Sinatra and about Biggins’ love for politics. The two also discuss how the actor got himself onto the screens and into the hearts of people …


Bonus Air Extension – Building Relationships from Christopher Biggins


Your relationships are fundamental to your success. CEO Liz Taylor reveals her secrets to how you can create, build and preserve your career through great relationships – like the ones Biggins created. Christopher Biggins is best known in his roles on Rent-A-Ghost, Porridge and I’m A Celebrity. You will have seen him on Celebrity Big Brother (cbb) and on many …