Liz Taylor with Cath Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley reveals her grandfather has died from coronavirus


Several of her family members have been struck down by the devastating disease >>> Click here to read the full article on entertainment daily Former Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley has shared that her grandfather has passed away from coronavirus. The 2019 Strictly star, 36, shared the tragic news on Good Morning Britain. Her mother also spent almost a week in intensive car suffering from COVID-19. She told the GMB panel: “I think there are so many people going through really difficult times at the moment. “For the first few weeks, lockdown was a bit of a joy for me, to be with my boys and spend time at home, and then my mum became poorly, and spent a week in ICU, and then my grandfather passed away.

“My grandfather passed away”

“But I wanted to share with people I have a had a couple of really dark days. And I wanted to reach out to people and say look, we are all in this together, the response has been overwhelming.” She went on to explain that she has appeared on Liz Taylor’s podcast, Events That Made Me, to show others that it is OK to be struggling during these unprecedented times. Catherine continued: “I think it’s important to reach out to people and say it’s not just about baking banana bread, there are people who are going through this every single day. “It’s part of the reason why I agreed to do Liz Taylor’s podcast, she’s really good at finding silver linings in things, and we need that more than ever.” Despite this incredibly challenging period for the actress, her sense of humour is still very much in tact.