Liz Taylor and Gary Barlow

Celebrity Party Planner Liz Taylor Opens Her Little Black Book


>>> Click here to read the full article on Quay Life Event organiser Liz Taylor, aka the Millionaire Party Planner, has been a leader in luxury party planning for more than 35 years. She talks to Quays Life about delving into her little black book of celebrity clients to launch a brand a new podcast ‘Events That Made Me’, the events that made her, and staying in business during a pandemic. Tell us about your new podcast? Liz: “Events That Made Me is my lockdown labour of love and an exciting new 12-part podcast. I believe throughout all of our lives there’s one specific event that we can say affected the course of our journey. There certainly has been for me. Coupled with the fact that I spend a great deal of time getting to know the people that I work with and finding out what makes them tick, I felt there was a great way to share some of these events and experiences to help others. And so, my Events That Made Me podcast was born. “Of course, to create one brilliant launch podcast during lockdown was not enough of a challenge for me! So, I created two. They launched together on June 3, 2020, and featured actress and star of Strictly Come Dancing, Catherine Tyldesley, and the inspiring and flamboyant royal florist, Simon Lycett.
Eamonn Holmes: “I feel the pressure of staying in the spotlight”
“As founder and CEO of corporate and private event planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation, I have worked closely with a wide variety of celebrities, business leaders, entrepreneurs and inspiring community leaders over my 36-year career. I have earned a little black book to be proud of. So, I opened the pages on those people who I felt had great stories to share. Expect a diverse mix of future guests! Next up, is Eamonn Holmes. A man who talks candidly about the pressures of being on television and staying at the top of the media game. “Also, don’t miss out on the bonus episode with each podcast, called ‘Air Extension’. In this I explore and discuss key themes uncovered in the interviews. Looking at how you can use the advice given to benefit business or life goals”. What is the event or events that made you? Liz: “I have planned many events that I am proud of and made my professional name. Working with Gary Barlow, Children in Need and HRH The Duke of Cambridge to name a few. In personal terms, I think having my two daughters were moments in my life that changed my perspective. Again, when my first grandchild was born. These were times that I looked long and hard at myself and asked: ‘Are you happy Liz? If not – change something,’ And I did.