Events That Made Me Podcast – Favourite Moments

Launching a podcast has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable projects of my entire career. Born out of the Covid lockdowns, it is a lifelong ambition realised and to me, represents some of the attributes I possess that I’m most proud of. My creativity, resilience, and willingness to succeed at everything I do. Even in the face of adversity and a global pandemic. Throughout the five seasons of the Events That Made Me podcast, I have enjoyed the company of some of the UK’s best-known faces. My guests have shared the highs and lows of their careers, along with some of the most difficult moments in their personal lives. It is these tough events that, in the most part, my guests have argued, that have been the events that made them. I hope my listeners have been as inspired and enthused as I have upon hearing their stories.

All that said, on completion of season five, I had decided that that Events That Made Me may have run its course. I wanted to finish on a high. I wanted the calibre of guests and the unique insight they share with me to remain as motivational and moving as season one. What a high it was! Focussing on inspirational women. With guests such as Sara Davis, Frances Ruffelle and the inimitable Vanessa Feltz revealing their thoughts and experiences. Season five certainly delivered. I feel it was one of the best yet. You can catch the entire series here and decide that for yourself

Recording the last interview with entrepreneur Jacqui Beltrao brought both a huge sense of achievement and a tinge of sadness, as in my head it was the wrap up episode. My final hurrah.

But as the old saying goes… Never say never!

I have found as it has progressed that the podcast has developed a life and reputation of its own. Far from having to source guests to be interviewed, many have begun to approach me. In late 2022/early 2023 before I knew it, I had a line-up of guests ready, that quite frankly I couldn’t turn down. Season 6 is about to start recording. Can we top season 5? You bet we can!

I’m not quite ready to let the cat out of the bag, on just who my listeners can expect to hear in Season 6, so in the meantime, I’ve been looking back over the seasons to decide on just some of my favourite memorable moments from Events That Made Me podcast.


The reason I chose this episode in my most memorable moment from five seasons of the Events the Made Me podcast? Well, it’s not just that Cath is such a warm, wonderful, engaging guest, which of course she is. But this was the first ever episode. The pandemic, though devastating for my career on one hand, gave me the freedom to pursue a lifelong dream in hosting my own podcast. I was, for the only time in my life since launching my business, given the gift of time. And I chose to use it wisely. Cath was my first guest, and what a delight she was.

Listen to the full episode and learn about the career choices that led Cath to land the part of Eva Price in Coronation Street.


What I loved about this podcast was not just the inspirational business story of how Tom built his business from selling posters in a rented space, to a multimillion property development empire. Of course, there were many lessons to be learned from him, but I also loved hearing about the changing landscape of the northern regions – Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, that I call home. Tom’s most surprising revelation and one that I am so happy has changed for the better, was that when he first started out, being an entrepreneur was subject to negative opinions. I quote: “Going into business was almost for those, you know, thickos, with less options.”

This series saw us in the Top 5 Apple Podcasts Entrepreneur Chart (peak position 2).

EVENTS THAT MADE ME PODCAST The Entrepreneurs Edit with Tom Bloxham copy


Justin’s episode on the Events That Made Me podcast was not just as funny as you would expect an hour with one of Manchester’s finest, and one of the UK’s funniest characters, but it reminded me of one of life’s most valuable lessons. That laughter is one of the most important things we have. Laughter is always there to help you through the tough times. To break down barriers. To help you make memories. And to bring you joy! What else is there? Listen to Justin and my thoughts on laughter in the bonus air extension.

Events That Made Me Podcast


How wonderful it was to see Lisa happy within herself after struggling so badly after the death of her mother. She was in a fantastic place and on absolute top form, while still trying to change the world for the better. Her positivity and energy practically radiate through the airwaves. I’m also watching with interest to see if she lands the part in a period drama that she was hoping for.


It was my discussion with Arlene Phillips DBE around pregnancy later in life as well as her exit from Strictly Come Dancing that led to a wider campaign for me around age positivity and ageism. You can read my thoughts on everyday ageism here {link to blog}. I for one, both at the beginning of my career and now, have never let my age stand in my way. And nor do I intend to. Yet, there is still work to be done on the attitudes of the rest of society. In the words of Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh “Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you are ever past your prime.”

But ageism is something that affects all genders. It was a theme that I explored in the very early days of the podcast with broadcaster Eamonn Holmes OBE. Interestingly, Eamonn’s interview generated a real buzz in the news as his comments about having to reinvent himself as he gets older resonated with both our audience and journalists listening to the show.

Events That Made Me Podcast


Can you blag our way to the peak of a fashion career? Well according to Gok Wan MBE the answer is most certainly, yes! As decorated fashionista’s go, Gok was particularly humble and his most important pieces of advice for listeners – ‘remember who you are’ and ‘never stop dreaming.’

Events That Made Me Podcast


Julie Neville, businesswoman, friend, wife, football mum and possibly the most organised person I’ve ever met, was not short of confessions on this episode of the podcast. Some of which her family had not heard until that point. What struck me in this interview was the sacrifices she has made for her family and the enduring love between herself and Phil. A must listen.


And finally, I had so much content from the guests in this particular season’s line-up that we decided upon a bonus Christmas gift for Events That Made Me podcast listeners. An inspirational extra episode with advice and tips from some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs. Gary Neville, Jonathan Shallit OBE, Jennie Johnson MBE, and Linda Plant (amongst others) all chipped in with the stories of how they built their businesses, imparting knowledge so that others can build theirs.

Listen to all the episodes here

Events That Made Me Podcast

What a wonderful bunch of strong, talented, and forthright guests. I have honestly been in awe of each interviewee and the events that made them. My aim when I launched the podcast was to share the life-changing moments of some of the UK’s famous faces in a bid to inspire others. I think we’ve succeeded in demonstrating that anything can be achieved. And that life sometimes works in mysterious ways. For some, these ‘events’ have been haphazard, a work of fate, leading to a big break into a chosen career. Others have found hope in moments of great sadness or tragedy. All have been truly inspirational.

All that’s left to say is that I hope you enjoy listening to the latest season as much as I will recording it.

Do you have a favourite episode or moment from the Events That Made Me podcast? Share your thoughts on my social channels.