Why Podcasting is Such a Powerful Marketing Tool  

Podcasts really came in to their own during lockdown, the perfect antidote to Zoom fatigue.  And I thought, “Why not?” I was no stranger to sharing my experiences to guide and inspire other people. So truthfully, starting my podcast – Events That Made Me – wasn’t too far outside my comfort zone. It was just a different approach. And it felt like a better fit for me than baking soda bread! Two years on, I have come to understand much more clearly why podcasting is such a powerful marketing tool. And one growing in popularity.

From a marketing perspective, I knew it was another way to stay visible and upbeat while the pause button was pressed on the hospitality and events sectors. And like everybody else, I had time on my hands. I was keen to use that time wisely, to ensure that my business was in good shape to re-pick up where we’d left off.

But once I started, I soon realised that my podcast meant more to me than just marketing. And this is the very reason why I believe that podcasting is such a powerful marketing tool.

Here’s a few of my honest opinions about getting it right, and why it’s a compelling string to your bow when you do.


People enjoy feeling like they’re part of the ‘in crowd’. For this purpose, podcasts are a brilliant way to invite a niche audience – your tribe – in to your world.

Podcasts are an easier inroad to your existing and new audiences than many other more familiar social media platforms. For example, the fact that there’s an estimated 830 million LinkedIn profiles in 2022, compared to 24 million podcasts, speaks for itself.

But podcasts act as catalysts for your other social media channels. This is because they’ll start to feel like part of your community when they listen to your podcasts and get to know you. As a result, they’re likely to seek out other ways to engage with you, online and also on-premise.

Yet it’s the conversations that present the plum opportunities to engage with your audiences at a much deeper level.


Keeping the conversation going with your audiences continuously builds on the ‘know / like / trust’ principle. So, podcasts are brilliant for keeping them interested once they’ve found you and bought in to you.

You can achieve this effect to a degree on other social media platforms, especially with video. But podcasts are snackable real life human conversations.

Podcast conversations capture hearts and minds.

So, if I can make a connection or share one piece of valuable advice or experience with my listeners, I’m forming a strong and durable bond with them.


In my opinion, authenticity is where the magic really happens with podcasting. This is why podcasting is such a powerful marketing tool for businesses and individual brands. It feels REAL.

My audiences get a genuine piece of the real no-holds-barred warts-and-all me, and also my amazing guests. This is where the true value lies. It gives my audiences a sense of being part of the gang. This often leads to them engaging with us on other social media platforms afterwards, to ask a question or pick up on part of the conversation.

In short, the more real you are, and the more value you give, then the more your audience will be attracted to you and want to engage with you.

When you get this right, you don’t have to worry about sales and marketing messages. Here’s why. Because you’ve already attracted more attention to your business, by being you authentically brilliant self, than sales and marketing messages ever could.

Why Podcasting is Such a Powerful Marketing Tool  


I’ve found podcasting rewarding on many levels and the feedback I receive about them demonstrates that they deliver the value that I talk about in this article.

I’ve specifically written this piece as a nod to International Podcast Day on 30th September. So, why not take a look through my back catalogue of Events That Made Me? They’ve brought the most incredible comments out of my guests, including Arlene Phillips, Gary Neville, Ruth Langsford, Gok Wan, Sally Lindsay, to name but a few.

And check out this piece that I wrote on the lessons learnt whilst launching my podcast.

Thanks for sharing my views on why podcasting is such a powerful marketing tool. And don’t forget to take a listen!